Extended Day Option


Sunday - 9:15 AM Sunday School, 10:30 AM Worship Service

Extended Day Option--available for the 23-24 school year

Extended Day Option (EDO) is a program held Monday thru Thursday and is available to all registered preschool students who are potty-trained and do not require an afternoon nap. 

This option allows children to remain at school for either an additional hour for “Lunch Bunch” (lunch only: Noon -1:00), or an additional 3 hours for the “Extended Day” (lunch and stay: Noon-3:00 pm). 

When their morning class ends, all children who are registered for that day’s Lunch Bunch or full Extended Day are taken directly to the designated EDO classroom. They eat lunch and play until 1:00 when Lunch Bunch children are picked-up by their parent or guardian.  The Extended Day children then continue their afternoon with opportunities to create, read, play, and have additional playground or large muscle room time with the EDO teaching staff until pick-up at 3 pm. 

 EDO may be used as frequently as desired. All children must bring their own lunch and it must be labeled with their name. We cannot prepare any food on site.


EDO Registration and Payments 

Sign-up sheets for each EDO day are posted on the welcome desk bulletin board in the main hallway of the school.  You can register for any day, as long as it has openings: Maximum 12 students per day. EDO runs nearly every day that school is in session beginning the 1st day of school.  Charges for each EDO use will be added to your following month’s tuition statement, and payment will be due upon receipt.


Options Cost Per Day
Lunch & EDO     $18.00
Lunch Bunch Only     $ 6.00