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Preparing For Your Wedding at Irvington United Methodist Church  

Irvington United Methodist Church has facilities for almost any size wedding.  The Sanctuary has 38 full size pews on each side of a center aisle, with 24 pews in each transept area, allowing at least 500 people to be seated. The Chapel seats 48 people.The customary time allotted is up to four and 1/2 hours. This allows ample time to decorate the Church, dress for photographs, and continues until the building has been cleaned, arranged for worship service and secured after the ceremony.  Additional time is the exception and must be approved by the wedding coordinator and the pastor.  If you find you have such a need, please discuss it immediately.  Please keep in mind, an overtime fee may be charged if extra time, before or after the ceremony, is granted. The church makes arrangements for all necessary custodial services. Normal service includes: 

1) Opening the church for the rehearsal and wedding.

2) Provide for heating, air-conditioning and lighting as needed.

3) Provide dressing rooms - However, PLEASE DO NOT leave items of value such as cameras, jewelry, purses or wallets in the room. 

It is wise to ask a friend to care for such items.

4) Cleaning the church after the wedding.  

Weddings can be scheduled no later than 6:30 pm on any Saturday or any other day prior to a religious holiday celebrated in the church, unless special circumstances are extended by the pastors.  


In The Beginning 

To see about church and pastor availability, please contact the church office as early as possible.  To hold your wedding date, the non-refundable deposit must be received by the church office within two weeks after setting your wedding date. 

When unusual circumstances warrant the participation of guest clergy, the request is first made known to the Irvington pastor who is in charge of your wedding ceremony.  If the use of a guest clergy is approved, the Irvington pastor will extend an invitation, on your behalf, to him/her to share the ceremony.  To avoid embarrassment or confusion, please do not speak with another minister about the possibility of assisting in your service prior to speaking with our Irvington pastor.   


The Wedding Coordinator 


Once your date has been approved by the pastor and recorded by the office manager, the wedding coordinator is the facilitator of  arrangements before and during the wedding. She is responsible to see that all church policies are followed, and she will be present at rehearsal. On your wedding day she will arrive two and 1/2 hours prior to the service and will be available throughout the ceremony to help assure your wedding is a sacred and memorable experience.




Fellowship Hall and the parlor are available for receptions  at the church. Guidelines for receptions are available from the wedding coordinator. All reception fees are in addition to building use fees. 


Keep In Mind 


Smoking is STRICTLY prohibited in the building and on any church grounds. The use of alcoholic beverages is STRICTLY prohibited anywhere in the church or on church property before, after or during the ceremony.  The sanctuary is a holy place and we ask that you NOT bring food or drinks into it.  The exception is a Bottle of water.  It is your responsibility to inform your wedding party and guests of these restrictions.  For  purposes of safety ALL children need to be supervised before and after the ceremony. 




Your photographer should check with the wedding coordinator to arrange for photographs before and/or after the ceremony in an area other than the sanctuary. There can be NO  flash pictures after the start of the ceremony (after the bride is at the front of the church) and until the "kiss" at the end of the ceremony. Sanctuary furnishings, altar dressings or any other decorations may not be moved or rearranged either before or after the ceremony.  Please remind your photographer of this. ? Video taping may be done from designated areas ONLY.  The wedding coordinator or pastor can indicate these areas to your video person. 




Aisle runners need to be 75' in length.  The church can provide a kneeling bench and candelabras with candles. If you provide your own candelabras they MUST have dripless candles and there needs to be a plastic protector placed under them to protect the altar and flooring. You may use any kind of greenery or flowers on the pews or chairs provided you attach them with ribbon or material designed to protect the finish of the wood. Please ask your florist or decorator to remove all decorations immediately after the wedding. The only exception is arrangements left as altar flowers for Sunday services. If you are NOT using an aisle runner please drop only artificial flower petals as live ones may stain the carpet. Seasonal decorations may not be moved or rearranged. This includes banners and wall hangings. We ask that you not throw rice, bird seed, confetti or other materials inside or outside the church.  This is in consideration of safety and clean-up.  Bubbles are permissible and may be used outside the church.  




We request the use of our church organist.   If this is not possible then use of another organist must be cleared with the pastors and music director. Our sanctuary organ is a pipe organ, which requires special instructions to play.  Because of this, only our church organist will play it or at the organist's discretion find an appropriate substitute.     


Wedding Fee Schedule 


SANCTUARY WEDDING                                       

IUMC Members:   $950.00  

Non-Members:   $1250.00  



IUMC Members:   $650.00                        

Non-Members:   $850.00     


This includes:                     

Pastoral services and counseling  

Wedding Coordinator


Custodial Services (Sanctuary only) 

Use of Sanctuary/Chapel and Dressing Rooms for 4 1/2 hours    

Candelabra and candles        




A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $100.00 will be paid to hold the date for the wedding.  It will be applied to the wedding fees. 



Reception Fee Schedule


Fellowship Hall Reception (including kitchen)                                                         

IUMC Members:   $100.00 

Non-Members:   $500.00           


Parlor Reception (including kitchen)                                       

IUMC Members:   $100.00                                          

Non-Members:   $500.00                                                                                        


A SECURITY DEPOSIT OF $200.00 for all receptions will be paid.  This check will be refunded within two weeks, minus any fees for damage, breakage or extended time.  This must be a separate check, post dated, so that it can be returned to you in the mail, given there is no damage, breakage or extended time fees. All fees must be paid at least two weeks prior to the wedding.   Please make check payable to Irvington United Methodist Church.  

If you have any questions concerning these fees or procedures please ask the wedding coordinator or the pastor. 


Effective September, 2015


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