Extended Day Option



Extended Day Option (EDO) is a program available to all registered preschool students age 3 and up (must be well potty trained).  This option allows parents to have their child at school an additional 3.5 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  After class ends at 11:30 am, all children who are registered for EDO are taken directly to the lunchroom.  They eat and remain with the lunch staff until 12:30 pm.  The children then transfer to the designated EDO classroom.  Here they continue their afternoon with opportunities to create, read, play and have additional playground or large muscle room time with the EDO teaching staff until pick-up at 3 pm.





Lunch Bunch Option

Parents may choose to sign up their child for an additional hour after school for lunch only.  Pick up is at 12:30 pm in the lunch room.  Sign up is on the same EDO bulletin board.

All lunches must be brought from home and must be labeled with your child's name.  We cannot prepare any food on site.



Extended Day Out Option

Sign-up sheets for each EDO day are posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway of the school.  You can register for as many days a month as you wish, as long as there are openings (maximum 12 students per day).  EDO runs each Monday, Wednesday and Friday that school is in session beginning the second week of school.  Children enrolled in Tuesday/Thursday classes are also eligible and welcome to attend EDO.  Statements of payment due are sent out monthly by the Preschool office.


A monthly statement will be sent out for payment.

Options Cost Per Day


Lunch & EDO



Lunch Bunch Only




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